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AIRSOFT GO FRAG THEM ALL Patches are now back and on sale

After massive delay and few changes to the final project, one of my favourite patches are now back on sale. AIRSOFT GO FRAG THEM ALL!  

Those patches are bright, catchy and funny and they are my response to a very popular game where others spent more time looking at their phones than around them. In the same time, patches represent all Airsofters who like to throw their grenades and other useful items onto their enemies. 

Patches itself are made from a top quality PVC. Because of that, all tiniest details are visible and it will last for a very long time. All patches are glued with a strong and durable Velcro guaranteeing you won't lose it on the battlefield.  I hope you like this design and new colours. 

I hope you like this design as much as I do and you will enjoy them by wearing them. 

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